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A F T E R   Y O U R   T R E A T M E N T  


With many of our medical grade treatments, it is normal to have some redness or skin reaction similar to a sunburn for 24-48 hours post treatment.  This will resolve on its own.


Bruising or possible swelling is common with any injectable treatment.  Skin can feel tight, dry, itchy, or scratchy for a few days after medical treatments.  Keeping the skin hydrated is key.


If your results are just what you expected and you are doing great - amazing!  If not, let us know!


Your satisfaction is paramount to us so we ask that you keep us up to date on your progress so we make sure your experience is extraordinary each and every time.

It is important to keep in mind that some results take time to mature and improve over time and that multiple treatments are recommended monthly for optimal results.

We recommend visiting us 4-6 weeks after each treatment to assess your recovery and results and perform any subsequent treatments.  Book now.

We are here for you!  Please contact Essential with any concerns or questions at (617) 431-4888.  You can text Essential 24/7 using the number you received our confirmation text.

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