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Beyond traditional resurfacing. 
DermaSweep’s technology takes MicroResurfacing to the next level through our unique, customizable, treatment approach. Our proprietary bristle treatment tips gently lift away the top layer of skin and increase circulation to enhance lymphatic drainage, oxygenation, and the delivery of key skin nutrients. Exclusive infusion solutions formulated with cutting-edge ingredients are added to target specific skincare concerns, for visible results in just one treatment.   Basic Dermasweep with TCA Peel  $195     Dermasweep with Peel and Premier Infusion $245

NuCell - Anti-Aging   (Premier)

Rescue, rejuvenate and revitalize dull, aging skin.  The exclusive combination of age reversing growth factors, nourishing proteins, repairing peptides, ceramides and protective antioxidants aid in regeneration, essentially renewing skin from the inside out.  The outcome is smoother, brighter, supple, luminous, hydrated skin with an amazingly even tone and texture.  NuCell improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduces the appearance of pores as well as evens out skin tone and texture.  

Clarify - Acneic skin, Oily     (Premier)

Calm, clarify, and correct blemished skin.  The exclusive blend of protective antioxidants, skin clarifying alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids are essential to balancing oil and aiding in the reduction of the appearance of blemishes.  The result is clearer, calmer skin with a more even tone and texture.  

Red Carpet Ready - Glowing, Hydrated Skin   (Premier)

Ready, set, glow!  Transform skin from dull, dry and dehydrated to tighter, hydrated, plumper, smoother, radiant skin in an instant!  Red Carpet Ready is a proprietary formulation combined wiht ingredients that will take hydration to the next level.  A blend of skin nourishing and hydrating agents are delivered quickly and effectively to where they are most beneficial.  It's the perfect SkinFusion for the day before or day of an event to get your skin red carpet ready!  

Vitamin C    (Basic)

Brighten and moisturize dull, aging skin.  A high concentration of pure L'Ascorbic Acid to deliver antioxidant and skin brightening care.

Hyaluronic Acid  (Basic)

Hydrate and plump dry, dehydrated, flaky skin.  Our Aloe rich infusion contains Hyaluronic for hydrating and moisturizing, as well as botanicals to soothe and calm the driest skin.   



















Exfoliation – Effective micro-resurfacing begins with DermaSweep’s patent-pending bristle tip system.  This pain free treatment exfoliates the top most layer of skin to sweep away the appearance of skin imperfections, promote collagen, and improve radiance, tone and texture.

Circulation – Skin benefits from lymphatic drainage, and an increase in oxygenation.  Nourishing nutrients are delivered faster to improve overall skin health and boost collagen.

Infusion – Our paraben-free infusion solutions target specific skincare concerns with cutting edge ingredients such as Growth Factors, Peptides, Vitamin C, TCA, and Hyaluronic Acid for optimal skin rejuvenation.

Clinical Results

  • Delivers results with one treatment

  • Customizable treatment options

  • Improve pigmentation photo-damage

  • Decrease fine lines, wrinkles, and shallow acne scars

  • Improves skin laxity and early sings of aging

  • Diminishes blemishes

  • Safe on sensitive skin and in the eye area

DermaSweep is ideal for:

  • Hyper-pigmetnation

  • Aging skin

  • Laxity

  • Eye area

  • Fine lines

  • Acneic skin

  • Rough, uneven skin texture

  • Dry & dehydrated skin

  • Sensitive skin

    • Improving overall skin health

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